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Efficient use of modern computer technology is a vital part of a successful and productive process, environmental or energy engineering project.  For years EKONO has developed and used numerous tools for developing balances for an existing plants or future process concepts.  For example:

  • We employ a variety of spreadsheet or web-based tools such as:
    • washing efficiency optimization
    • boiler energy and material balance calculator
    • sodium-sulfur balance calculators (view an example)
    • evaporation/stripping simulator including methanol and TRS balances (view an example)
    • pulp and paper machine air system balances
    • plantwide wood/liquor/dry solids balances
    • water and energy balances
  • Our energy monitoring and management system, called EMM, that is based on Excel and helps mills with energy optimization.
  • Our proprietary, PC-based simulation package is a versatile tool for simulation of conventional processes or non-conventional low-effluent concepts, including non-process element accumulation.  We are also able to use WinGEMS for those customers who prefer it.
  • NCASI assigned EKONO in 1997 to help them determine costs to reduce the green house gas emissions from the forest products industry in the US to the levels required in the Kyoto protocol.  A model developed by EKONO, combined with our in-house energy database, was employed to estimate steam and electrical power demands for a selected number (90) of US pulp and paper mills.  For most process units, multiple steam and power demand estimates were developed to represent new, medium or old equipment types and technologies.
  • Extensive databases combined with experienced staff and the right tools are the key strategy to provide innovative and high quality services to our customers.  In-house databases include information about environment, energy, chemicals and processes used at the pulp and paper mills.  Through our international contacts and language skills we are also able to utilize commercial databases in several countries.