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EKONO Inc. has extensive experience in process, energy and environmental engineering in the pulp and paper industry.  Our experienced staff members have been extensively involved in process design and optimization of pulp and paper mills in both North America and Europe.

EKONO has conducted various projects for well over 100 North American mills.  Since 1980 we have completed over 900 projects and prepared close to 700 comprehensive reports for our North American pulp and paper industry customers.  This huge pool of information forms an unparalleled knowledge base that our specialists can utilize in optimizing the performance of our customers' processes.  The project references include design projects, as well as cost optimization, production debottlenecking, troubleshooting, energy conservation, and environmental control projects.

EKONO's staff members are active in technical associations and have been frequent contributors in CPPA, TAPPI, INSKO and SPY meetings, conferences, and journals.