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Environmental Engineering

Current and expected future effluent regulations require both in-mill process technologies and external treatment to be combined for optimum results.  EKONO keeps abreast of the newest process technologies through various studies, including a series of multiclient studies on low effluent concepts.  With our modeling tools we are able to evaluate the impact of closed-cycle technologies and the buildup of non-process elements.

EKONO's extensive emissions database is useful for benchmarking a mill's performance

We have expertise in air pollution control and odor abatement techniques, as well as in different effluent treatment alternatives.  Management of the combination of in-mill and external treatment techniques is becoming a very complicated task, where process economy, product quality, and environmental performance must be optimized.  Such environmental optimization services are our specialty.  We offer assistance in developing on-line monitoring, reporting and advisory systems that will take into account the specific circumstances at our clients' plants.

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